K. Zeegers

Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Krit Zeegers

His fascination for international human rights, and specially the violation of those in times of war and armed conflict, brought Krit Zeegers to the Yugoslavia-Tribunal in The Hague. History was being written here. At the same time, his time at the tribunal opened his eyes to the flipside of international criminal law: the more serious the allegations, the more the rights of the accused himself come under pressure. This inspired his motivation to stand up for the underdog. That he does not rush to judgement in that respect, is shown by his PhD research into the application of rights of the accused before international criminal courts and tribunals. With the same attention to detail, Krit moves through the world of economic and financial criminal law. The complex and cross-border charistics as well as the far-reaching consequenses for the accuses person or company, motivate his passion.


Krit Zeegers obtained both his LL.B in Dutch law and his LL.M. in public international law cum laude from the University of Amsterdam. He started his career interning with judge Orie at the Yugoslavia Tribunal. After that, Krit briefly worked as a consultant for the dutch ministry of foreign affairs and taught a course at the University of Mekelle in Ethiopia.

In 2015, he obtained a PH.D. from the University of Amsterdam for his research into international criminal tribunals and the interpretation and application of international human rights in their procedure. After that, he became a defence attorney at Allen & Overy where, as of 2016, he was a member of the fraud and white-collar crime practice group within the litigation department. His focus was on financial and economic criminal law.

In 2018, he moved to Jebbink Soeteman, where he continues to work in the field of (financial) criminal law. He is a member of the Dutch chapter for young criminal lawyers (NVJSA) and of the criminal law working group of the Dutch chapter of the international committee of jurists. Krit regularly publishes on a broad range of topics.