Z. Boufadiss

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Tel : +316 4205 8330 |  boufadiss@jsadvocaten.nl

Zahra Boufadiss specialises mainly in the defence of (complex) criminal cases, such as violent crimes, human trafficking and organised crime. Her passion goes hand in hand with careful scrutiny of the case file and leads her to expose all relevant legal arguments. Zahra Boufadiss is highly empathic, which makes her particularly committed to her clients. Because of her passion for her profession, she is a persistent opponent of the public prosecution service and the courts.


Already during law school at the University of Amsterdam, Zahra Boufadiss’s ambition was to become an excellent defence attorney.

During her studies, she worked for many years at Stichting Strafrechtswinkel Amsterdam, in later years also as a board member. The core value of this foundation, which grants first line legal aid regardless of income, is to provide everyone with good quality legal assistance. Zahra endorses this principle unequivocally.

From 2015 to April 2020, Zahra Boufadiss worked as a defence attorney at the renowned criminal law firm of Marielle van Essen in Amsterdam. As of May 2020, Zahra Boufadiss moved on to Jebbink Soeteman Advocaten.