Who we are

Jebbink Soeteman advocaten is an extremely ambitious criminal law firm in Amsterdam. We are active in a wide variety of cases ranging from violent offences to complex financial criminal proceedings and everything in between.

True motivation and dedication is what characterises the lawyers of Jebbink Soeteman: we treat each case with total commitment and ensure complete control of the proceedings down to the smallest details.

Our clients are private individuals and companies that have come into contact with criminal law. They want a lawyer who will do his/her utmost in the courtroom as well as outside the courtroom. This requires foresight and infallible knowledge of criminal proceedings. It is exactly these requirements that form the basis of our working method: we don’t leave anything to chance.

What we stand for

We believe that our clients should have access to any means necessary for the best possible defence when confronted with powerful government bodies such as the police and the justice system. It is often literally a hundred against one. At times like these, we stand behind our clients. Once we sink our teeth into a case, we don’t let go. On occasion we’ve even been told that we are too fanatical about our work. We see this completely differently: this approach can make the difference to the lives of our clients or their business operations. That is the reason why we consider it our duty to aim for the best possible results, whatever it takes.

We believe that everyone has the right to a good lawyer. Therefore, we not only assist clients on a paying basis, but also regularly take on pro bono cases. In this manner we offer clients who do not have financial resources the legal assistance they need.

And we defend human rights. We feel that, above all, the authorities must respect human rights. If necessary, we will litigate against the State of the Netherlands, in preliminary relief proceedings, or before the European Court of Human Rights. If required by the circumstances, we will engage the court in preliminary relief proceedings to limit the State of the Netherlands in its actions, in order to guarantee the freedom of our clients.

Working method

Our working method can be best described as very persevering. We do not acquiesce to anything and we are ambitious. We cannot stand losing and will always make sure to have more knowledge than the opposing parties. We always look ahead and this characterizes our way of thinking. We like to compare ourselves to a chess champion who always thinks a few moves ahead; we too analyse every possible outcome and research all the possible lines of approach. And if that means that we have to plough through fifty files of administrative records on the off chance of finding a receipt that could pull the rug out from under the accusation? Bring it on.

Our defence is meticulously built up and we refuse to shy away from unconventional means. Is it in the interest of the case to sound out public opinion? Then we’ll go to the media if warranted in a particular case. We may surprise the judge or the public prosecutor in another manner; often with the required result. Another positive feature is that we always rely on the expertise of our entire team: by discussing ongoing cases with each other, we keep each other focused, see more and succeed in thinking outside the box.

Practise areas

Proceedings before one of the four Dutch Courts of Appeal

Proceedings before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands

general criminal law, such as theft, drug offences, weapons, homicide, violence, etc.

Complaints procedures against the seizure of goods

Including proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations.

Extradition and surrender of persons proceedings

Fraud cases, ‘white collar crime cases’.

Hospital order cases

Proceedings based on principle

Preliminary relief proceedings against the State of the Netherlands

Prison law

Freedom of speech, the right to protest.

Youth criminal law