Jeroen W. Soeteman

Criminal Defence Lawyer / Partner

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Jeroen Soeteman thrives on pressure and is an expert at playing several matches at once. Soeteman is a born lawyer and fast thinker with an enormous knowledge of criminal legal proceedings. He can make a difference in any case with his strategic and focused approach. His strengths culminate in hearings where he dares to voraciously argue the case and respond to developments that are crucial for the outcome of the case. The need to (sometimes literally) be the last man standing between the Public Prosecution Service and his client does not come about as a conscious choice, but rather because this is part of his character: he finds it unacceptable that innocent people could lose their social network and job as a result of criminal proceedings.


In 1999, following his degree in criminal law and private law at the State University of Groningen, Jeroen Soeteman started as a lawyer at CMS Derks Star Busmann. In 2003 he moved to Korvinus Abeln advocaten to dedicate himself fully to criminal law. Over the past years he has specialised in regular as well as financial-economic criminal law and, in addition, has broad experience in cross-border criminal proceedings.  In 2009 he started Jebbink Soeteman advocaten together with Willem Jebbink.

He is the chairman of the board of the Dutch Association of Defense Counsil. Furthermore, he is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association and of the International European Young Defenders Network.

Jeroen Soeteman has been a lecturer for years in various fields of criminal law. He has lectured at the legal training institutions OSR, SSR and AvdR to trainee lawyers as well as experienced lawyers, judges and public prosecutors. In addition, he is a member of the ‘Sustainable financed legal assistance system’ Committee of the Netherlands Bar Association, he is the co-author of the Defence Manual, annotator of the Criminal Law newsletter and he publishes in various professional journals and newspapers.